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Kamenjak Viewpoint, Educational Botanical Trail, Lake Vrana Nature Park

Kamenjak Viewpoint, Educational Botanical Trail, Lake Vrana Nature Park

Panoramic view of Kaprije village, Island of Kaprije

Panoramic view of Kaprije village, Island of Kaprije

Čelinka Viewpoint, Drage

Čelinka Viewpoint, Drage

Vodice, Blue beach

Vodice, Blue beach

Life Wellness Center Total score -

Sports & recreation » Fitness & wellness | Šibenik « Northern Dalmatia « Croatia

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The newly opened Life Wellness Center in Šibenik is equipped with a world-class gym, aerobics hall and beauty and spa area.

Life Wellness Center, Šibenik, Gym; Source: Marketing, Jolly JBS

Life Wellness Center, Šibenik, Gym; Source: Marketing, Jolly JBS


The Life Wellness Center offers a well-organised gym equipped with Cypex exercise equipment and cardio fitness. There is an instructor available. The Life Wellness Center also offers a hall equipped for the following programs:

  1. Life Mix,
  2. Body & Mind,
  3. Pilates (beginner, advanced),
  4. Yogilates,
  5. Life gymnastics (training intended for those with health problems and anyone whose level of physical fitness, age or health requires a special approach or intensity of exercise)
  6. TBC (Total Body Conditioning) and
  7. Fat burning.

For after your workout, Life offers a wide range of treatments including facials, treatments for hands and feet, and hand massage.


The Life Wellness Center is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.


Gym - The fee for one training session is 40 kunas. The fee for 12 sessions is 340 kunas. For an undetermined number of visits in one month not exceeding 16 hours, the fee is 260 kunas. The monthly fee for an unlimited number of sessions is 340 kunas;

Aerobics – The fee for one session is 40 kunas.

SPA area and beauty center - The fee for two hours’ use of the spa area is 120 kunas.  A monthly pass to the SPA area is 1200 kunas. The price for facial treatments ranges from 180 to 450 kunas. The price for body treatments ranges from 80 to 500 kunas.  The price for cellulite treatments ranges from 100 to 450 kunas. The price for massage ranges from 110 to 500 kunas. The price for a manicure ranges from 80 to 200 kunas. The price for a pedicure ranges from 100 to 160 kunas. The price for depilation ranges from 30 to 280 kunas.

Package combinations - WORKOUT PACKAGE - gym and group program, one day - 60 kunas; LIFE WELLNESS DAY - gym, group exercise, spa & relax 2 hours, massage or facial - 360 kunas. (Source: Life Wellness Center, Šibenik)


The location of the Life Wellness Center is marked on the Google map. There is free parking available in front of the center.


Life Wellness Centre, Šibenik

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