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Kamenjak Viewpoint, Educational Botanical Trail, Lake Vrana Nature Park

Kamenjak Viewpoint, Educational Botanical Trail, Lake Vrana Nature Park

Panoramic view of Kaprije village, Island of Kaprije

Panoramic view of Kaprije village, Island of Kaprije

Čelinka Viewpoint, Drage

Čelinka Viewpoint, Drage

Vodice, Blue beach

Vodice, Blue beach

Ivinj Archeological Site Total score -

Natural & cutural heritage » Archeological sites | Ivinj « Northern Dalmatia « Croatia

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The walls of Roman villas were discovered at the Ivinj archeological site, which makes the location of great historical significance.

Ivinj Archeological Site, Saint Martin's Church

Ivinj Archeological Site, Saint Martin's Church


In the Ivinj area there is an archeological site where evidence has been found of inhabitation from the beginning of the 1st century AD. Inhabitation began shortly after the pacification of Iliria, which started after 9 AD, shortly after the suppression of the Batonian uprising after which the Roman emperor Augustus established the province of Dalmatia.

During the above-mentioned period, i.e. at the beginning of the 1st century AD, an unknown immigrant in Ivinj had built a residential-economic building which, with subsequent adaptations, had turned into a spacious villa rustica that that also had an inner courtyard. The villa also had premises for oil production and storage, food storage, rooms for the labourers and other auxiliary rooms. The owner of the villa (Dominis) lived in separate, luxuriously equipped section of villa where he also had a home spa. Remnants of the mosaic found at the site are proof of the luxurious life lived in the villa. These remnants can be viewed at the permanent exhibition in the Katunarić Palace in Tisno.   

In the 5th and 6th century the villa gained a basilica with baptistery in its west wing. In the middle ages, Croats built the Church of Saint Martin on the land of the former villa rustica. This church has been preserved until today and on every 11 November, Saint Martin’s day, Holy Mass is held. In the period from the 12th century onwards, the dead were buried around Saint Martin’s Church, together with all the jewellery that they used to wear during their life. Among this jewellery, there is a considerable number of three-bead (“trojagodne”) earrings which, among more than 160 other exhibits, are on display at the Katunarić Palace in Tisno. (Source: Katunarić Palace Exhibition brochure)

The Ivinj archeological site together with Saint Martin’s Church gained the status of a cultural good and a protected culture monument by resolution of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia of 20 July 2012. (Source: Tisno Municipality)

The location is situated in Makirina Cove which is known for its therapeutic peloid mud.


Can be visited anytime.


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The precise location of the Ivinj archeological site and Saint Martin' Church, which are right next to each other, is marked on the Google map. You can reach the location by car, or you can walk from Pirovac.

If you come by car, you can park right after turning off the Kapela - Tisno road. The distance from the parking lot to the location is about 250 meters.

If you are coming from Pirovac and wish to walk, the route goes along Makirina Street from Vrilo Bay. After 200 meters, the road forks. You need to go left and continue for 170 meters until you come to another fork. Here you need to go right and go another 1350 meters until you get to the beginning of Makirina Bay (the path to the left will take you to the Makirina Viewpoint where there is a wonderful view of the sea and Lake Vrana. The archeological site is another 350 meters away, along the seashore, heading south.

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Ivinj archeological site, Ivinj

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